Finding the Best Pillow for Your Sleep Style and Needs

Finding the Best Pillow for Your Sleep Style and Needs


Why do you need a good pillow?

A pillow is an object of everyday use for almost everyone. Pillows have become a source of comfort for people wanting a good night's sleep or a peaceful nap. Sleeping without a pillow feels incomplete considering the major role it plays in providing people with quality sleep. Now the question arises, why do you need a pillow that is best for your sleep style and your needs? 

We will tell you why. A good pillow not only does its job of providing comfort but furthermore helps with relieving discomfort and overall body pain. It helps you in keeping your spine straight throughout your sleep. Using the right pillow you can avoid positioning your neck at awkward angles which leads to pain and discomfort and interrupts your sleep. That is why it is just as essential to select a good pillow as it is to pick a good mattress. 

We, at Thomsen, provide a variety of different types of pillows for various types of sleeping ways and needs. Each pillow has a different purpose yet they all provide the same comfort and quality sleep to people, be it a child or an adult. The right kind of pillow makes sure you are attaining all the relaxation your body deserves. We aim to deliver pillows that comply with the different requirements of different people. 

All about picking the right pillow:

If you are picky about things you might consider having the best of all. And especially when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle brimming with ease and comfort, you should not settle for less. A satisfying sleeping schedule and an exceptional sleep duration are part of a healthy lifestyle. Great sleep yields great benefits. But how does one achieve healthy sleep without having to wake up thousands of times throughout the night? Well, the answer is turning to the right kind of pillows and mattresses. 

At Thomsen, you will find pillows ranging from Ortho Plus to Baby Pillows. So, if you are looking for pillows that would lead you to sleep without any worry, you might want to know more about the pillows we provide. This will help you arrive at the right decision. You can choose the one that suits your needs and fulfills your sleep requirements. By doing so you are assured to get the desired advantages of having slept correctly. 

Why Thomsen pillows?

Our Ortho Plus is specially designed to ease you from shoulder and cervical discomfort. And because the pillow's sides are elevated, it relieves tension from your back by providing your neck and shoulders sufficient support and comfort. It comes in the size 62 × 30 cm and is white in colour. And you know what the promising part is? You can adjust the height of the pillow the way you prefer. It is extremely soft and fluffy. As it is made of an open porous and breathable material it is amazing at ventilation and regulates temperature. And because it does not retain moisture, the pillow becomes anti-allergic and mould-proof. 

Our Thomsen Classic is an orthopaedic pillow that provides relief from pain around the neck by offering relaxation to the cervical area. You can say goodbye to your neck pain using our classic pillow. It is available in the size 67cm × 38cm and the colour white. It has the same properties as Ortho Plus, the pillow is breathable and anti-allergic, this won't lead to any health issues. And the material is OEKO-TEX certified and remains harmless. It is also eco-friendly which proves to be a great investment if you are someone who possesses concerns for the environment. 

Normo comes in the size 45cm × 75cm, colour white. The material is safe and breathable having properties of being anti-allergenic. Using this pillow you can get the best night's sleep as it has pressure relieving Vita Talalay Latex filling. If you are someone who has lower back pain due to not accurately positioning yourself, then Normo can help you get rid of it. It will help you position correctly and you will drift into a deep comfortable slumber away from discomfort. 

Tinnitus Pillow serves a remarkable purpose in reducing ringing in the ear. The innovative pillow design has in-built speakers which can be connected to any device for sound therapy. It is also called a 'music pillow'. And because it is made of Talalay Latex it is good at offering head and neck support. All in all Thomsen Tinnitus pillows are incredible assets that can prove to be helpful and therapeutic at the same time. After all, sleep is therapy. So why not treat it like one by sleeping appropriately using the anti-tinnitus pillows from Thomsen? 

Anti-Snoring pillows come to the rescue if you have a habit of snoring while sleeping. Although this does not cause major issues, it is still problematic for your partner as it could disturb their sleep. The objective of Thomsen's Anti-Snoring Pillow is to minimise snoring and be the anti-snoring key if used regularly. These pillows work exceptionally well because of the designed head-side roller that persuades you to sleep on your sides which reduces the habit of snoring greatly. This pillow is also mites and mould-proof due to the anti-allergic pillow filling. 

Orthopaedic Wedge Pillow is good for gaining a correct and straight posture. Your back, head and neck are being supported by it if you sleep using the Thomsen orthopaedic wedge pillow as it takes all your spinal weight off. This helps in alleviating the lower back pain. You get ultimate pressure relief and comfort due to the firm yet snuggly surface provided by Talalay Latex. 

The Lumbar Pillow proves to be a great companion when you are sleeping or sitting. The half-moon shape makes the lessening of lower back pain possible. You can also use the pillow while driving which will reduce back discomfort to an extent. Thomsen Lumbar Pillow has a special attribute which is the dual layers of Vita Talalay Latex and Polyurethane Foam. This makes the pillow durable, breathable and bacteria-proof. The cover of the pillow is also easily removable and washable. 

The Baby Pillow we provide at Thomsen is specifically curated for babies from 0-12 months. These pillows are made of breathable Talalay Latex. And the risk of head deformity is also reduced enormously. The 3D cut ensures that there is no moisture content and the pillow is safe from any allergy or bacteria. We guarantee you full safety as the materials of our pillows are highly tested and conform to the OEKO-TEX 100 standards.  

We also have Neck Pillows for your long trips. The design of the travel pillow moulds according to the shape of your neck providing it with the needed support while you are on a car or a bus ride. It provides relief and comfort as any normal pillow would. You won't have to come across soreness and neck pain after sleeping at an awkward angle because Talalay Latex foam filling provides the needed firmness and support one needs while sleeping during travelling. It is a great travel buddy. 

What are the distinct functions of a pillow? 

You must be already aware of the wonders having a simple pillow does to the lives of people. The ease and quality of sleep it brings into the lives of people who suffer from sleepless nights of body pain. This is how a good pillow benefits you; 

  • By Supporting Your Head and Neck: One of the significant functions of a pillow is to provide stability to your head and neck while you sleep. This helps in getting rid of any possible neck pain over time. Because the right kind of pillow will help you keep your spine in alignment all the time. Doing so will prevent any kind of discomfort and body pain caused by previous sleeping habits. You can get the desired rest and enjoy it without having to face any discomfort throughout. 
  • By offering comfort: Understanding the science of pillow materials will help you choose the perfect pillow. And having a soft yet firm pillow can work wonders for you. It makes a difference in the quality of sleep patterns. If you want to relieve your neck and back pain or just rest peacefully without any stress then our Ortho Plus is the perfect choice to be considered. You will fall in love with sleeping by picking the best ones from our collection of multi-purpose pillows.  
  • By regulating temperature: The pillows are designed in a way that helps regulate the body temperature. Our pillows are made of Talalay Latex. Being a breathable material Talalay Latex provides ventilation which helps your body stay cool and calm throughout the night. This feature not only helps you be calm but also enhances the quality of your sleep. It provides a great level of comfort while ensuring you a cold yet cosy atmosphere. Imagine the difference a simple object makes! 
  • By Enriching the room decor: Apart from the bodily and mental comfort a good pillow offers, it can also be used for room aesthetics. Our pillows serve incredible looks against beautiful mattresses. This is one of the extra features of getting the right multi-purpose pillow as it not only enhances the quality of sleep but also enriches the room's views and serves as eye-catching. 


Finding the best pillow for yourself or your loved one is like discovering a gem that is going to help you all your life. A good pillow can bring incredible changes in your life. It provides all the benefits to achieve a healthy way of living, from sleeping well to living well. We put safety first, which means our pillows are tried and tested. They are free from any harmful chemicals or substances which could possibly affect your health. You can be worry-free about safety issues as there are not any. We provide what we think is the best for our customers out there. Neither we nor our pillows compromise when it comes to delivering convenience with hints of luxury. 

Deciding what your body prefers and choosing the right product that meets your prerequisites for the same depends entirely on you. You can come to the right decision by thinking about the benefits all our pillows offer. Mull over your needs and pick the best one for yourself. Our pillows won't let you down if you are looking for comfort and softness of the material to cherish forever. Sleeping is important so why not do it the correct way by buying the perfect pillow at Thomsen? 

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