About Us


Mr. Lorenz THOMSEN, a sleep expert and researcher, established the brand “THOMSEN” in 1979.

We have perpetually strived to improve our standards and quality over the last over 40 years and continue to do so, to provide ultimate sleep experience to our customers. To achieve this we continuously innovate and offer unique products to our customers. We offer products that provide optimum sleep comfort and ensure that every day starts energized and fresh.

For over 40 years, we at THOMSEN, have been asking ourselves one important question: “How can we improve the sleep quality of our individual customers even further?” That is why we use only innovative materials, which allow us to offer unique products created specifically for optimum sleeping comfort.

At THOMSEN, you will find an assortment of specifically chosen products that complement one another to create a complete sleep system. Each individual part is uniquely suited to the individual needs and preferences of our customers. We place a special emphasis on the premium quality “Made in Germany,” which ensures an optimal sleep climate. That is why, in the pursuit of this quality, we use highly innovative materials such as Vita Talalay Latex. Comfort, that breaths.