The wind of change has stroked yet again with apprehension and uncertainty palpable in the air, the menacing covid-19 dominating headlines, the curve seeming inexorable and people stuck in home contemplating over trivial matter adding on to the stress. Considering the unprecedented situation, it is obvious and natural if your nights can be profusely described as tossing and turning in bed, mind wired with vortexes of thoughts, waking up with panic, delicate sleep or completely bereft of sleep. However, it’s essential to understand the ramifications of little or fragile sleep as it not only makes you capricious but can have severe impact on the physical and mental health.

With many people deeming they’re becoming insomniac, it is important to understand that “insomnia” is a clinically approved term and only experts can diagnose it. Due to the pandemic stress that coronavirus has brought people are more vulnerable to sleeplessness but not insomnia and hence the term “CORONASOMNIA” .

So if you’re facing similar problems, allow us to help you and take you off to the land of profound dreams and beat coronasomnia :

  1. DITCH ELECTRONICS: Many of us stick to our phones scrolling and scrolling when we are unable to sleep, probably checking on the increased detected cases of coronavirus or just stalking some influencers on social media. However, phones or tablets emit blue light disrupts melatonin levels, the hormone that regulates our sleep cycle.
    while phones may seem an irresistible companion during this time, it’s better to ditch it and instead read a book or take a shower as a night wind-up routine helps in curtailing anxiety and prepares your mind for a good night’s sleep.
  2. CHECK ON CAFFEINE KICK: Does work from home mean innumerable shots of black coffee down your throat to keep that brain working? Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world which reduces the perception of fatigue. However, just the perception of it. One must not consume a cup of coffee after 5pm.
  3. MATTRESS MATTERS: A special emphasis should be placed on the premium quality mattress which ensures an optimal sleep climate. In the pursuit of this quality, innovative materials such as Vita Talalay Latex is highly essential and allows the mattress to possess certain qualities:

NO – MOTION TRANSFER: No disturbance due to movement of the sleeping partner. Due to the natural bounce, effortless change in the body posture during sleep.

CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEM: optimal sleeping climate in the bed that ensures a comfortable, dry and hygienic sleeping environment through optimal ventilation, temperature and moisture regulation.

EDGE SUPPORTERS: With edge support, there’s less sagging and falling from the bed.

  1. Dont have a large meal before bed: But if you’re prone to waking up because you’re hungry, have a light snack, like a small portion of crackers or fruits.

Do follow these simple points to embrace a good night’s sleep and drift away in a magical land of dreams bereft of any trepidation, and remember, dark clouds cannot hide the sun forever. One day, they will clear and true light will shine through. We will get through this. Let’s stay calm, practise social distancing and stay safe!

Author is Anil Gupta, Chairman, Thomsen Germany, who is an expert in the mattress and pillow industry.

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