The Ultimate Guide to Pillow Shopping: What to Look for When Buying the Perfect Pillow

The Ultimate Guide to Pillow Shopping: What to Look for When Buying the Perfect Pillow

Why is buying a perfect pillow necessary?

A good night's sleep will make a difference and change one's life. For better. To promote and encourage a well-sleeping schedule, a perfect pillow is all you need in your home or if you are travelling outside. Proper rest is what decides our entire day, the energy we are going to radiate depends on how well we slept the previous night. The comfort your pillow provides will unlock various benefits for you. Picking the best pillow while pillow shopping might make your sleep the best. 

People often face various difficulties due to the wrong positioning during sleep or not using the right pillow that suits their sleeping habits. This minute negligence can bring big health issues in one's life. Your personal preference, sleeping position, and sleeping habits play a vital role in choosing the best pillow that will help you achieve a night of better sleep. Not only these but other factors like the quality of your pillow material, the stuffing, the safety standards it conforms to and the comfort and support it would provide are equally important to consider while purchasing pillows. And understanding the science behind pillow materials will help you guide better. 

The buying guide can help you if you are looking to purchase pillows that might get you away from your body pain. Investing in a good pillow will only bring promising changes to your sleeping pattern that are beneficial for your overall health. We spend most of our time sitting or sleeping. This can lead to back pain and muscle soreness. In order to get rid of body pain, we need to consider the best pillow options out there. Thomsen brings to you a wide range of innovative pillows that will help you get a healthy lifestyle. 

Buying guide for pillow shopping

A pillow not only works for your restful sleep but also determines your body posture. If you are someone who has difficulty keeping your posture upright and it gets worse during sleep then orthopaedic pillows are for you. Wrong pillows can cause stiffness in muscles, and lead to cervical and back aches. It is often said that no matter which position you are sleeping in, your pillow should help you keep your neck parallel to the mattress. It is for you to figure out if your pillow serves the purpose or not. If it doesn't it is time to buy the perfect pillow. 

A good pillow's shape should change when applying pressure. It should not be too soft because you won't get the needed support. Neither should it be too stiff because it will eliminate the chances of providing comfort.  We, at Thomsen, have breathable, non-allergic, chemical-free, environmentally friendly pillows. If you are having lower back issues then our Lumbar Pillow can prove to be your best partner. It has dual layers of Talalay Latex and memory foam that promote maximum comfort and lessens back aches to a great extent. If you are concerned about your baby's sleep then our Baby Pillow can get your baby the support and comfort they require to sleep well enough. The risk of head deformity is not there and you don't have to worry about safety as the pillow is made of breathable, high-quality material. 

A stiff neck can stir discomfort and also cause a great deal of pain all throughout the body. Neck pains can directly impact the head thus leading to a series of headaches throughout the day. And your pillow is the one that is to be blamed. We have Ortho-Plus and Thomsen Classic that will help you sleep better and cosily and you won't suffer from neck or back stiffness and headaches this way you can say goodbye to your neck pain. If you are looking to relieve your spinal stress then our Normo is the pillow you should go for. The pressure-relieving Vita Talalay Latex helps in getting rid of lower back pain. 

A constant ringing in the ears that won’t let you sleep at night, frequently disturbing your sleep. To help you get out of this problem, our unique Tinnitus Pillow, with in-built speakers, can help you a great deal. You can connect it to any device and play soothing music that will reduce the buzzing noise. Your best travel buddy that will not only reduce the travel discomfort but will also adjust according to your neck shape, our Neck Pillows are specially designed for your long trips. If you fall asleep during the car or bus ride, you won't have to worry about waking up with a stiff neck. 

If your partner is constantly complaining about your snoring habits, and you don't want to disturb them while sleeping then our Anti-Snoring Pillows will help you out. This pillow has a head-side roller which will allow you to sleep on your sides reducing the snores.  Looking to keep your posture straight and upright while sitting or sleeping then our Orthopaedic Wedge Pillows will serve the purpose well. This pillow will support your lower back as well as your neck providing your head, neck and shoulders the optimal support while sleeping. 

What are the qualities of a good pillow? 

Our pillows come with removable and washable covers, with adjustable qualities, you can adjust these pillows to your needs. The breathable and anti-allergic properties will provide a safe surface to rest on. As these pillows regulate temperature,there is no retained moisture and that is why the pillows are mould and mites-free. The material Vita Talalay Latex and Memory Foam are of the highest quality which will help you provide maximum ease. The pillow material is durable and you can use them for a long-long time and see the best results yourself. You can't sleep off this best pillow shopping opportunity. 

  • The pillows will directly address your spine issues. A good pillow can determine or balance the firmness of a mattress which will help the sleeper get comfort and support during the sleep session. 
  • The right pillow will promote healthier sleep while also keeping the spine and neck aligned reducing the chances of any body pain. It is not tough to achieve a better sleep when you have just the right pillow to support you. 
  • The perfect pillow will keep your body relaxed, relieve stress and make the rest of your day the best.There are never-ending benefits of having the perfect pillow at your place. It will minimise so many health problems and ensure you a peaceful slumber.


You might have experienced the exhaustion  and frustration you feel after not getting enough sleep. Why? Because you kept tossing and turning throughout the night and your pillow was not comfortable enough. Well the only solution is finding the pillow that will offer you a fulfilling sleep. One thing you shouldn't forfeit is your comfort and that too because of the wrong pillow or mattress choices. And with an ever-increasing workload and stress in daily lives, all we ever wish to do is lie down in our beds and drift off to a sleep that is free of any tension. 

Pillow shopping might not seem like a big investment but it is one of the most important aspects for attaining sound, secure and safe sleep. While the world is moving at a fast pace, resting and rejuvenating your energy is a crucial part to keep the cycle running. No one can avoid rest, so it is equally important to have a good quality pillow according to your preferred needs, body type and sleeping position. Now you don't have to look elsewhere, because we have got you covered at Thomsen. Your one-stop sleep and comfort solution. Get the quality sleep that you deserve without compromising anything in return. Buy pillows with unique designs at Thomsen to sleep fully well. 

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