Ever wondered why people always recommend putting a cranky baby to sleep? Ever wondered why people often suggest you to take a nap if you’re caught up in a convoluted problem? We at Thomsen, as sleep experts and researchers would like to throw some light on how integral a part sleep performs in every human being’s life through this article. More importantly, would like to elucidate the ramification of sleep deprivation.

Being sleep deprived for a day or so can lead to some acute problems like hindering your ability to comprehend things and solve them rationally, making you more capricious and irritable, hence the suggestion to take a nap comes flying in rightly. However, long term effects of being sleep deprived can be petrifying. With the temporary puerile attitude transcending into a violent belligerent trait. Hence, we at Thomsen as one of the best mattress brands and researchers, suggest you to never be ignorant towards sleep deprivation and acknowledge the problem at the earliest.

From rapid weight gain to languid immunity system, sleep deprivation can have some serious impact on the mental as well as the physical health. People tend to resort to excessive indulgence in stimulants such as caffeine. However, these stimulants cannot substitute the profound need of your body for sleep. As a matter of fact, these make it even harder to fall asleep.

The central nervous system of our body is responsible to send signals and messages to the brain rendering us to act rationally. Sleep deprivation can hinder it massively, as while you sleep, the brain reinvigorates itself, forging new thought connections and retaining the memory. It can plummet your concentration span and also delay the signals your brain sends to the body, increasing your risk to accidents. A longer period of sleep deprivation can also incite you to vacillate, make you hallucinate or trigger bipolar mood disorder.

As you sleep, your body produces cytokines and anti-bodies which renders to fight infections and diseases. Sleep deprivation causes an impediment for your body to produce the necessary antibodies and slow the process of recovering from illness as well. Long term sleep deprivation can further lead you to have heart diseases as well.
Apart from this, there are several serious consequences that we cannot emphasize enough on. From memory issues and hindering your thought process to high blood pressure and weight gain to plummeted libido and poor balance, sleep deprivation must not be neglected.

We at Thomsen as sleep experts and researchers having an experience of over 40 years in the field urge you to acknowledge the problem at the earliest and solve it. For a profound sleep, one must have an optimum sleeping comfort and we at Thomsen understand that and scientifically engineer mattresses which help you have a good night’s sleep as your brain and body rejuvenate. We have premium quality mattresses and pillows, made in Germany and are the only brand with supreme talalay latex in India. We understand that every individual has different needs and manufacture specifically for every type and have the option of you customizing it yourself as well. Now, sleep all your troubles away with us at Thomsen and make your nap time your happy hour!

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