What Is a Cervical Pillow and How Does It Work?

What Is a Cervical Pillow and How Does It Work?

Pillow, a name that is immersed in comfort. And comfort is what comes above everything for almost everyone. But wait, maybe it is not only about the pillow but sleeping on the right pillow. A right pillow is a necessity that should not be ignored because a bad one might trouble your neck and spine, thus causing cervical discomfort. Cervical pain is a problem that reaches your head and is a main source of distress while sleeping. To eliminate the harms of cervical pain you need to have the right pillow below your head. We made it easier for you, now you don't have to hunt around looking for the right pillow that suits and fits best with your preference. We, at Thomsen, got you covered with a wide variety and range of cervical pillows. Now you can sleep on your neck pain and discomfort. 

Cervical pillows or Orthopaedic pillows are pillows that are designed to prop up your neck and head so that there is no difficulty in falling asleep. These pillows help people with stiff necks and shoulders get rid of their pain by moulding to the shape of their neck and head with the exemplary blend of fluffiness and firmness. 

Understanding the Cervical Spine:

From allowing a wide range of head motions to protecting the spinal cord to support the weight of your head, the cervical spine consists of the first seven vertebrae of your spine. A wrong pillow can be a major cause of pain in the cervical spine. As it stimulates muscle movement in the neck, shoulder, arm, and hand and provides sensation, it is important to take good care of the spine for its sound working. 


You can do so by finding the best pillow out there. The cervical pillow will not only support your neck but will also keep your neck and spine in alignment thus erasing any discomfort or the source of it, that is a bad posture. 

How Cervical Pillows can help alleviate pain?

A good orthopaedic pillow will surely act as an asset that will bring good results and relieve neck pain to a greater extent. Along with improving sleep quality, a cervical pillow will be a great partner for your cervical spine and will support it throughout. You can get rid of extreme neck pain by using the correct orthopaedic pillow. This pillow will align your cervical spine and neck while sleeping thus reducing backaches. A good cervical pillow will keep the horrors of neck and back pain far from your sleepy eyes and wrap you in its softness so that you can doze off into a sleep that is devoid of any bother. 

Types of Cervical Pillows

If you are wanting to buy a pillow that might help you with your pain and discomfort then you must wonder about the things to keep in mind while pillow shopping. Well, there are wide varieties of pillows available that will cater to all your needs and support your body. Some of them are; 

1) The Ortho-Plus pillow with elevated sides will ease your neck, shoulder, and back and relieve all the tension with its softness and rigidity at the right places. With vast features like open porous and breathable material, these wonderful pillows are something you might be looking for.

2) The cervical area is demanding attention from Thomsen Classic. An orthopaedic pillow that relieves pain from the neck area by providing it with support. Our pillows are OEKO-TEX certified and the material is anti-allergic and doesn't cause any issues or harm. 

3) Lessen the problem of the lower back with our Normo Pillow. It has pressure-relieving Vita Talalay Latex stuffing which will support your whole body. Now position yourself accurately and have your much-needed pain-free sleep.

4) Can't get rid of your loud snores? Well, this can be an issue for the person sleeping beside you. You can worry less with our Anti-Snoring Pillows. The designed head-side roller will keep you at your side and reduce your habit of snoring greatly if you are able to breathe properly. 

5) We have pillows for everyone, from a baby to a grown-up. The Baby Pillow is specially designed to lull your babies to sleep. With Talalay Latex material it has a 3D cut that ensures no issues of head deformation. The breathable material is safe and the temperature-regulating property of the Talalay Latex does not retain moisture. Thus making it safe from allergies and bacteria.

6) Half-moon shaped Lumbar Pillow, is durable and bacteria-free. It reduces lower pain to a great extent and can also be used while driving for long hours. 

7) The right posture and a straight spine and say goodbye to backaches. This Orthopaedic Wedge Pillow straightens up your head, neck, and back accurately. It takes the weight off your shoulders, providing you with cosiness and relaxation. 

8) Keep the ringing in the ears at bay by using our uniquely designed pillow. The Tinnitus Pillow has an in-built speaker which can be connected to any device, the musical pillow is a great sound therapy and can help you get rid of the buzzing noises at night promoting deep sleep. 

9) Long and tiresome trips? Well they can no longer be an issue because we have Neck Pillows to make your journey smooth and comfortable. These pillows will offer great support to the neck and head while sleeping in a car or a bus. 

How to Choose the Right Cervical Pillow?

To choose the right pillow you need to keep in mind the important aspects in mind including the neck support and spine alignment during sleep. The right way to the pillow's journey is to know the accurate height and firmness of the pillow for the person's size, personal preferences and sleeping position. Too flat, high or firm puts a strain on the neck and it does not allow relaxation. 

  • Science of pillow material plays an important role in the pillow being effective. Choose the one that is neither too hard nor too soft to sleep on. Our pillows are made of Talalay Latex that can provide the needed support. 
  • If you sleep on your stomach then flat pillows are your saviour. If you have a habit of sleeping on the side a higher pillow is advisable for you. If you are sleeping on your back then you must have a fairly low pillow. 
  • The sustainability and durability of pillows should matter to you the most, while making a choice go for the one that is long-lasting and is made up of certainly eco-friendly materials. 

Tips for using a Cervical Pillow

The best tip is to let your body decide if the pillow it demands is what it gets. Adjust the pillow according to your height and weight, and make sure that it is keeping the alignment of your body straight and is not causing any discomfort to your head, neck or back. If it is relieving the tension off your body and not adding more to it. You need to use the cervical pillow consistently to get better results and you should be patient with the process. Cervical pillows can only be proven effective if used correctly so go for the ones that you find comfortable. 

Myths about Cervical Pillows-

The Myths Underlying Cervical Pillows are; 

  • Pillows lose their shape quickly; if the pillows' material is of high-quality then it won't get ruined easily. 
  • Pillows get germs at a point and can't be washed: Our pillow consists of Talalay Latex providing it a surface that is moisture proof and open porous. The covers of the pillows are removable and can be washed in a washing machine. 
  • Pillows cause allergies: The orthopaedic pillows at Thomsen do not retain moisture and are also dust-proof therefore eliminating any chance of it causing allergies to the person using it. 
  • Cervical pillows are only used for aged people; Anyone can face discomfort and in today's world it is easier to get stressed and be sleepless. Sitting behind computer screens all day long can also lead to back aches. The only solution to it is getting an orthopaedic pillow to get rid of all the discomfort. 
  • Cervical pillows are only used to relieve neck pain: Well, the cervical pillow, unlike its name, doesn't revolve around the neck area, it supports shoulders, spine and back in the same way, offering relief. 
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