Once you’ve invested in the best mattress like one from Thomsen, it is ostensible for you to expect a comfortable and profound sleep on it for many and many years.  An average mattress is crafted to last for about five to ten years, though we at Thomsen give a 10 years warranty and you definitely can expect it to last even longer. However, how it is maintained can curtail or boost your mattress’ lifespan.

The sleep experts from our team of Thomsen will try to make you cognizant of the best ways to care of a bed. Which can help you keep your mattress immaculate, healthy rendering to a profound and comfortable sleep for as long as possible.


There are gargantuan of benefits of a mattress protector. Though otherwise, people tend to believe a mattress protector to be a luxury than a necessity, we at Thomsen can’t stress enough on how it can boost your mattress’ lifespan profusely. It’s easier and smarter to invest in a protector once than a mattress every 4-5 years.

A fine quality mattress protector provides waterproof protection against spills and accidents. While also reducing the amount of debris, dust and dirt that crawls into your bed.

This helps protect the materials inside your bed from annihilation.  While further, keeping sweat and skin oils off the bed and reducing build-up of allergens like mould and dust mites. A protector also makes clean-ups a whole lot easier in case accidents do happen.


As you sleep, your body tends to shed sweat, oils, hair and skin cells profusely. While if you enjoy Eating in bed, it also leaves behind crumbs, and our snuggly partners, our pets can track in all kind of things, we don’t want a place we spend 1/3rd of our lives on to have. In addition to getting cringey, this can get into layers of the mattress breeding unwanted bacteria and inciting some dust mites.

Blankets and bed sheets must ideally be washed once in 7 days to every two weeks according to our sleep experts and cleaning researchers. Even when you’re using a mattress protector, it is a must to keep linens clean. The mattress protector must also be washed according to manufacturer’s directions.


When your mom admonished “No pets on the bed”, she was actually right. Sleep experts at Thomsen reveal that It is definitely better to provide pets their own designated beds rather than letting them cuddle up the mattress you sleep in.

Even well-groomed and immaculately kept pets drool, walk outside, shed hair and cells just like people, and all that adds up in your bed. They also may have the occasional accident, which could further sabotage an otherwise good mattress.


Every mattress benefits immensely from being rotated regularly. Whereas, some manufacturers say it is not necessary. Experts at Thomsen reveal that rotating the mattress helps promote more even wear, while not rotating doubles the chances of depressions and softening.

Every two to six months, one must rotate the mattress head to foot at 180 degrees. This is particularly integral the first couple of years as the new mattress is now regularly getting pressure.


While we all enjoy dreams; bed bugs can truly prevent us from enjoying them. Bedbugs are the fastest and the most vexatious way to sabotage a mattress, as they can be tedious to get rid of once they make your mattress their home.

In areas of the country or apartments where these are common, please consider putting a bedbug-proof mattress coating. These could differ from mattress protectors as they have zippers which are impossible to penetrate and provide the bed a covering on all sides and edges to prevent the tiny bugs from infiltrating your mattress.

These were a few tips our experts at Thomsen curated to reach out. We hope these were helpful.

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