Say Goodbye to Neck Pain: How the Right Pillow Can Provide Relief and Improve Your Sleep

Say Goodbye to Neck Pain: How the Right Pillow Can Provide Relief and Improve Your Sleep

How does the right pillow help with sleep improvement? 

To sleep off the hectic hustle-bustle of life it's essential to have a pillow that serves the best without causing any discomfort. Finding the best pillow can help you incredibly with the refinement of your sleeping schedule. A good pillow is a basic necessity for every individual. Craving a safe and sound sleep, you must have a pillow that won’t cause back or neck pain. The role of a pillow in our everyday life is undoubtedly non-negotiable.

Every one in four people gets back or neck pain due to their pillow. This means for a sound sleep it is quite important to have the shape and good position of the pillow. For a restful sleep, a pillow should be something that aligns your head, neck, and spine well. A pillow that keeps your spine in a neutral position without causing any pain or discomfort in your upper body is the one that is best for you. A good pillow is neither too soft nor too firm and will help you support your head and neck at the same level as the rest of your body, which will provide relief to the rest of your body. 

Bearing comfort and safety in our minds, We, at Thomsen are packed with large and distinct pillow varieties for your different sleeping needs. Your night sleep or nap time will be worthwhile and comforting with the Thomsen pillows. All you will get is comfort while saying goodbye to neck pain. All seems well if you sleep well.

The right pillow will not only improve your sleeping time but the overall quality of your life. When you wake up with a refreshed mind after a good sound sleep, you will be more energetic and eager to do your daily chores and even faster than the normal rate. Some things should never be sacrificed, and a good night's sleep is one such thing. To achieve better sleep one should understand the science of pillow materials and how they affect your lifestyle. So only settle for the best pillow that will make you happy and your sleep, pain-free.

Many people face neck issues because their pillow fails to support the head with the natural curve of their neck thus causing muscle strain on their neck and shoulders and not to forget the back. Now you can get rid of all of these problems, not only do Thomsen pillows come in wide varieties but also provide relief to your body pain, thus leading to sleep improvement. Now sleep away all your tensions comfortably. 

The orthopaedic pillows we provide to help you with neck pain

From babies to adults we have pillows for everyone. Facing neck pain and body pain? Waking up grumpy and exhausted? Don't worry, Our Thomsen Classic is to your rescue. It is an orthopaedic pillow that provides great relief around the cervical area, while also supporting your head. The Talalay Latex surface offers an adequate amount of firmness and softness. Tense and sore back muscles can lead to various health problems, a straight spine makes everything fine. Ortho-plus can be your best sleep partner, easing all the tension from your shoulder and back. The pressure-relief surface makes it a comfortable pillow to rest your head on and fall into a peaceful sleep. 

Lower-back pains will not remain the same with our Normo pillows which are super breathable and anti-allergenic due to Latex cushioning. No bad positioning with Normo pillows, now you will sleep well with straight backs because it provides necessary support to the neck and spine which helps greatly with alignment. Get rid of your snoring habit with our Anti-Snoring pillows. The snores might not be a problem for you but it can be for the person sleeping with you, so if you opt for these pillows you can ensure yourself and your partner a restful night's sleep. 

Do you also suffer from the constant ringing in the ears and are looking for a solution that will help you sleep quite peacefully? Then you are at the right place, with our innovative Tinnitus Pillow, you can listen to soft-soothing sounds to drown in the buzzing noises with the help of the speakers fitted into the pillows. With our Lumbar Pillow, you can drive or sit or sleep without any suffering for long hours. The half-moon shape of the pillow provides needed support to your lower back. You can get rid of the pain of sitting for long hours because this pillow does not let your spine de-align. Having a problem turning sides due to backache? Well, you can opt for our Orthopaedic Wedge Pillow which will support your neck and back fully, using this pillow every day will diminish your back pain and you will be able to cherish sleeping again.

If you care about safety then you won't be making a mistake by choosing pillows from Thomsen. Our every product is OEKO-TEX certified and conforms to safety standards 100. You can be assured of your and your loved ones' safety. And because the pillows are made of Talalay Latex, it offers the pillows a surface that does not retain any moisture which becomes the spot for mould and mites. The clean and open porous surface regulates temperature simultaneously freeing the pillows from any mould or mites. You can also remove the covers and wash them separately in case they get dirty, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness. 

What are the qualities of a good pillow? 

A good pillow will not only make your sleep comfortable but also address various issues; 

  • The right pillow will buck up the spine alignment and promote structural support and relieve the pressure on the spine. It will also aid and restore the body from the physical and postural pressure it faces throughout the day.
  • Adequate pillow support and firmness of the mattress, the combination of these two will promote healthy blood flow and proper weight distribution.
  • Pillows with anti-dust, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergic properties will lead to better and healthier skin and prevent any harm to the environment.
  • A good pillow will help you with postural issues and support the neck and head and keep the shoulders, hips, and spine in alignment. This keeps the body relaxed and comfortable during sleep.
  • A guide to pillow shopping that will help you find the right pillow will do wonders. It will not only support your body's needs and fit best with your sleeping habits but will also reduce body pain. 


Getting enough rest is essential for a healthy lifestyle. This is where the role of the right pillow comes in, it will help in getting optimal comfort. You can reap all the health benefits, and high-quality sleep with a good pillow. Keeping all the safety measures, different needs, and preferences we have designed our pillows for all age groups of people. Now you don’t have to wander around looking for what you want when you are getting it all in one place, Thomsen. A good atmosphere is equally important as a good rest. So our purpose is not only to provide comfort while sleeping or travelling but also to promote a healthy environment, as our pillows are free from any harsh chemicals. We prioritise your safety and well-being. That is why our pillows meet safety standards and are also ideal for promoting comfort to the sleeper. Buy the pillow that fits you best and enjoy the experience of sleeping correctly and cosily with the right pillows.  

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