The Science of Pillow Materials and How They Affect Your Sleep Quality

The Science of Pillow Materials and How They Affect Your Sleep Quality


What makes your sleep quality better? 

Do you often think of sleeping restfully but are incapable of doing so? Getting quality sleep can be tough particularly when you have a hectic schedule. There is always something that prevents you from acquiring an adequate amount of sleep. We all know sleep allows us to recharge and rejuvenate. For a clear mind and energetic body, your sleep quality should be good, if not the best. And because sleep is an essential part that contributes to a healthy lifestyle, you should focus on it more. 

Good rest paves the way for good health. However many people struggle to sleep properly. This leads to fatigue, irritation and overall bad mental and physical health. That is why sufficient sleep contributes a lot to our well-being. There are many factors associated with good sleep such as a consistent sleep schedule, a comfortable sleeping atmosphere and most importantly the quality of pillows and mattresses you decide to purchase. There is a science hidden behind the pillow materials that will help you achieve the sleep of your dreams. 

It is believed that mattresses and pillows play a significant role in the quality of sleep you get each night. Along with that, the atmosphere of the place you are sleeping in is an important part to consider too. Now you must be wondering how to find the right pillow that will help you get the sleep that satisfies not only your body but also your mind. Apart from the stress of adulthood and life, the kind of materials you choose as your pillow matters a lot. And because the pillow is supposed to be firm yet fluffy, you should be mindful of the benefits pillows that you select give. Your right pillow choices can make the experience of sleeping a blissful one. And with pillows from Thomsen, you can never go wrong. 

What is the role of a Pillow? 

A pillow can probably become the source of rejuvenating sleep if it is the right one. A pillow not just cushions your head and neck but also supports them. And when you get your hands on the perfect pillow that matches your sleep profile, it becomes all the more effortless to get the desired sleep in order to function properly. When there is a fair amount of support provided to the head, neck and shoulders, you would no longer suffer from sore muscles right after waking up.

The sole purpose of a pillow should be to promote relaxation and provide much-cherished relief from pain along with various health benefits. We, at Thomsen, understand the need for quality sleep and that is why our pillow collection strives to offer promising results. Pillows of the right height help in the alignment of the spine and neck which in turn prevent neck or back pain. You have to see if the height of the pillow you decide to buy works best for you. The thing about the Ortho Plus pillow is that the height can be adjusted according to the preference of the user making sleeping a comfortable task. And if you suffer from back pain then Dormio Normo is the pillow you need to help you position correctly while sleeping. 

If you succeed in picking up a pillow that is perfect for your sleep style and needs then it will open the doors to comfort and ease for you. Many people have a habit of snoring while sleeping which becomes a little problematic for their partner, this can be solved using an Anti-Snoring pillow which promotes sleeping on your sides with the help of head-side rollers, this minimises the issue of snoring to a great extent. There have been many innovative solutions to many problems. If you are suffering from ringing in the ears, then you can also opt for the Thomsen Tinnitus Pillow which comes with an in-built speaker offering a mask for tinnitus. You can connect it to any device and listen to soothing music to fall into a slumber devoid of any haunting noises. 

Good pillows such as Orthopaedic Wedge Pillows and Lumbar Pillows also help in improving blood circulation. If a pillow is too lofty or too low, it can result in blood flow restriction. You should be able to get comfortable while resting your head on the pillow correctly, this won't lead to any numbness. Neither will shoulder or arm pain be a problem. If you buy a perfect. Pillow for yourself you can get rid of sleepless nights full of body aches. 

The science behind Pillow Materials

There is a science behind everything, and the same goes for the pillows you use daily. The material or filling inside that gives shape to the cover makes up to form the useful thing called Pillow. Comfort, support and breathability seep into the foam inside making it a remarkable pillow. The materials used in designing pillows depend on various factors such as the benefits each one provides. There are materials ranging from Talalay Latex to Memory Foam. The pillows at Thomsen are designed using high-quality materials and foam making the cushions beneficial and valuable. You are sure to get the beautiful experience of sleeping with pillows made with excellence. 

The quality of the filling and cover material also decides whether a pillow is worth the buy or not. There are many pillow fillings which provide the comfort and support we all need while resting. Talalay Latex as a mattress or pillow material is widely used, as the product is extremely breathable which makes it the most preferred choice. It does not retain moisture which makes it an anti-allergic material and mould-proof too. The body temperature is regulated in this way and helps you stay cool throughout sleep. So, if you want to sleep without facing the trouble of waking up at night, tossing and turning, then getting a high-quality pillow should be your priority. While on the other hand, memory foam morphs into the shape of your head giving your neck and spine a perfect balance of comfort and firmness as it greatly helps with back pain and stiffness. 

We understand the need for durability as well as usefulness. So we bring to you a collection of pillows which are not only long-lasting but are made keeping in mind the needs and preferences of people. The materials conform to OEKO-TEX 100 standards which means they are free from harmful chemicals. Your safety is our priority so you don't have to worry about it. You can even remove and wash the covers in case they get dirty. 


You get to decide what works the best for you. Similarly, you get to choose what kind of pillows will best suit your sleeping needs. Knowing the science behind pillows and their material is necessary in order to choose the correct one. Good materials make the experience of sleeping ten times better. You go from sleepless nights to good mornings by just changing the pillows and mattresses you use. Doesn't sleeping without any body pain sound good to you? Waking up in a cheerful mood makes the rest of your day an amazing one. So getting quality sleep is vital. And all that makes it possible is the finest pillow out there. 

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