How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Style?

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Style?

Have you paid attention to your mattress that you sleep on? The question of how to choose the right mattress for your sleep style must always be on your mind. For choosing the right mattress you must consider all the features it provides, from comfort to durability. A good quality mattress can prove to work wonders for your overall health and wellbeing. You will sleep better and wake up refreshed once you start using the mattress that is suitable for your sleeping style.

Do you feel the springs creaking or poking your body while you sleep? Perhaps, you end up waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot, humid, and uncomfortable because the mattress fails to absorb your body heat. Maybe you wake up feeling completely exhausted and sleep deprived. Also, do you by any chance suffer from back pain, neck pain or pain in the joints? It is time for you to upgrade your mattress if you are suffering from any of these issues.

Importance of Sleeping Well

There must be a particular sleeping style you have accustomed to since childhood. Most people cannot fall asleep if they do not sleep in their preferred position. It is rightly said that good sleeping posture can enhance your overall sleep quality and experience, completely rejuvenating you for the next day. What makes the posture ideal is if it aligns with both comfort and leads to better health outcomes.

You must have noticed there are some styles you must be feeling very comfortable with but you end up ruining your health because of it. The conditions are varied ranging from complex conditions like sleep apnea to simple aches.

Now, the question arises how a mattress can come to rescue. According to the studies conducted on sleep and wellness, the findings reveal that sleeping on a medium-firm mattress promotes spinal alignment. If you suffer from aches and pains, Talalay Latex mattresses with medium firmness can help in reducing the pain to a considerable extent.

In this blog, we will be equipping you with all the crucial information you must know before purchasing a mattress suiting your sleep style. Before purchasing the product, you must be vigilant about several factors that wholly contribute to your betterment.

Different types of Sleeping Styles

You will come across various kinds of sleeper. Some sleep on their back, some on their side, while some sleep in a log position. It varies from individual to individual. We will discuss some common sleep styles below.  

Back sleepers: These individuals mainly prefer to sleep on their backs. If you are someone who comes in this category, too fluffy or too firm a mattress is not for you. A softer mattress fails to provide proper hip and spine alignment and a firmer mattress fails to accommodate your lower back region.

These sleepers mainly require a perfect balance between comfort and support. Therefore, the back sleepers’ guys should go for the mattress that is medium firm or a hybrid foam which is a mixture of both memory foam and latex.

Stomach sleepers: According to healthcare professionals, people who prefer to sleep on their stomach should keep switching their sleeping position. It is because sleeping on the stomach can lead to severe neck pain and back pain in the long run.

Sleeping on your stomach puts strain on your spine, so might as well use the right mattress to avoid this. A medium to firm mattress is a good solution because you do not need to sink into the mattress and at the same time your body’s contour can be accommodated.

Side sleepers: Most of the individuals sleep on their side whether right or left. Basically, widest body portions like shoulders and hips are the common pressure points of those who sleep on their sides. For them, memory foam mattresses or medium soft to medium firm mattresses suit the best.

Combination sleepers: Combination sleepers are those who prefer more than one position while sleeping. For instance, you would find them sleeping on their stomach but when they wake up, they find themselves turned to their sides. If you are one of them who constantly changes sleeping styles, a medium firm mattress is your go-to option. This is because it is a perfect blend of ultimate support and comfort which can also facilitate movements throughout your sleep.

Choose Mattresses from Thomsen India

We at Thomsen have several options that can suit your sleeping style. Our classic Talalay mattresses are available in soft, medium, and firm latex material. With a good 10 years warranty, they are suitable for Indian weather which makes it a worth purchasing product. You won't be disappointed, so you can be carefree about the durability and quality of the mattress and cherish your comfy mattress after a long day of working.

A huge plus point is that these mattresses are OEKO Tex standard 100 certified. It is repeatedly tested and assessed which makes it a safe option to go for as compared to other mattresses. If you wish to be sustainable and economical, then you are at the right place. We make products that are 100% environment-friendly made from natural materials.


Picking a right mattress is like finding your ideal match. It comes with providing comfort and care for an extensive period of time instead of momentary happiness. People generally struggle with this process of mattress hunting if they do not have adequate knowledge about the benefits, limitations, consequences etc. This makes it a sizable asset which not only enhances your sleep experiences but also ensures your wellbeing.

Thomsen India prioritises your sleep experiences providing you with diverse alternatives that can definitely ensure your good health and happiness. No matter what type of sleeper you are, comfort matters the most and by choosing the right mattress for yourself you are choosing comfort too. The best one will fit your sleeping needs and help in improving your sleep as well as overall health.

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