Sleep is the most vital part of the day as it is the indicator of overall health and well being. With changing lifestyle and busy schedule, people often compromise on their sleep due to the demanding work hours. However, the importance of sleep gets ignored which makes a human body less productive and more tired. The ability to function and feel well while you are awake depends on whether one is getting enough sleep. Also, it depends on whether you are sleeping at a time when your body is prepared and ready to sleep. The body has an internal clock that controls on your sleeping schedule i.e when you wake up and sleep.

Sleep deficiency can interfere with work, school or any other functionality. It is common problem in India. People in all age groups report not getting enough sleep. It is related to many health problems including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression etc. So think again, is it really worth compromising on your sleep.

There are multiple reasons that lead to sleep deficiency; one of the major reason is when you sleep on an uncomfortable surface. It is extremely important for one to choose the right sleeping surface to gift  the right sleep. Any surfaces that do not contour around the body and make your body sink in while you are asleep is an indicator that it is not a good surface. Such surfaces will disturb your sleep as and when you toss and turn around. A normal human body tosses and turns around about a 30 times at night because the pressure points put strain on your sleeping side as the blood blow decreases. In order to toss and turn freely at night, one should choose a sleeping surface that is made with natural material like sap of rubber tree. These sleeping surfaces have an open cell structure that allows the mattress to take the shape of the body. It helps the body to rejuvenate and relax the muscles while you are asleep. Another important factor while choosing a sleeping surface is to pick a mattress that has no motion transfer. Another reason of your sleep deficiency is when your sleeping pattern gets interfered with your sleeping partner’s toss and turn. Noways, technology has advanced the way we sleep. There are sleeping surfaces that stop the motion transfer.

There are other reasons of sleep deficiency, hence one should avoid bright light exposure at night, eat light meals before dinner, spend at least 30 minute outside in physical activity, take hot shower, make your room dim in late hours, read before sleeping etc. Once you chose the right mattress and take the listed precautions, one should be able to sleep peacefully. If the problem is not fixed, one can take help from an expert.

Author is Anil Gupta, Chairman, Thomsen Germany, who is an expert in the mattress and pillow industry.
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