Understanding the Importance of Neck Support

Understanding the Importance of Neck Support

Having Neck support is important if you want to sleep well at night or any time of the day. Because through neck support you can keep your spine in alignment and avoid straining your neck. The neck is a crucial part of the spinal column as it supports the whole weight of the head and also caters to its movement. Therefore it becomes very important to support your neck and you can do so by opting for the right pillow. By doing so you would not only be saving yourself from pain and discomfort but also improving the quality of your sleep. 

Lack of neck support can cause various problems such as sore muscles around the neck, backaches, headaches and stiffness. All of this simultaneously leads to poor sleep. If there is no correct pillow to support your neck and your body, neck pain and back discomfort can arise from poor posture and bad sleeping positions. A good pillow will make sure your spinal alignment is proper so that you don't face any discomfort or body pain. So while pillow shopping choose the one that suits your needs the best. 

If you give your neck an adequate amount of support during sleeping then this will result in a restful night's sleep. At Thomsen, you will find the right kind of pillow that will make sleeping a soothing and relaxing experience for you. Using pillows from Thomsen will not only improve your neck pain but also your overall sleep experience. 

What Are Orthopaedic Pillows?

You must be aware of the different kinds of pillows available in the market, but there are special types of therapeutic pillows that are designed to support your neck because they fit the curves of your neck the best. These are called Orthopaedic pillows. They provide an extreme amount of comfort and support to your neck and whole body which helps in getting rid of stiffness in the neck and back pain. 

There are various types of orthopaedic pillows that are created keeping in mind the preferences and problems of people. At Thomsen, you will come across distinct pillows that will help you achieve the comforting sleep you have always dreamed of. So, if you are someone who suffers from sleepless nights full of neck and back pain then picking up the right orthopaedic pillow from Thomsen will help you immensely. 

The science behind the materials used in the manufacturing of such pillows play an important role too, because if a pillow is made using quality materials it tends to provide more comfort and support than the regular pillow. Our pillows are made from Talalay Latex and Memory Foam which helps in providing the benefits and much-needed comfort to the user. They help you in enhancing your sleeping patterns and the quality of your sleep by offering all the support and comfort that is necessary. 

Benefits of Using an Orthopaedic Pillow 

Orthopaedic Pillows are of great help if you want to get rid of neck pain and improve your sleep condition. There are many more benefits of using orthopaedic pillows, such as; 

  • Helps in relieving pain: An orthopaedic pillow is designed such that if you sleep using it your neck will be alleviated and will align with your spine reducing the pressure of your cervical area. This will help in providing great relief and you will be able to get a peaceful sleep without having to wake up to sore neck muscles. 
  • Improves the quality of your sleep a great deal: The benefits of an orthopaedic pillow don't end at getting rid of neck and back pain. But it is also beneficial for getting sufficient sleep. This happens as the discomfort slowly drops into a peaceful slumber. That is the magic of having quality sleep.
  • No more snoring: If you are someone who has a habit of snoring while sleeping, Anti-snoring Pillow with an innovative design at Thomsen can help you reduce snoring with the help of a head-side roller that is designed to promote sleeping on your sides. This will enable the user to breathe freely and minimise the snoring thus leading to a disturbance-free sleeping. 
  • Using an orthopaedic pillow might improve your posture: It is true that sleeping without proper support will leave you trying all the awkward angles in the want of comfort but this will only lead to poor posture and pain. Choosing the right pillow will not only provide a comfortable sleep but will also improve posture because of all the neck and spine support it provides. 

Different Types of Orthopaedic Pillows

At Thomsen you will find different Orthopaedic  pillows such as; 

Ortho Plus is designed to provide relief from cervical discomfort and shoulder pain. You can adjust the height of the pillow according to your needs. Amazing, right? Because your neck needs support you can turn to this orthopaedic pillow that will help you sleep in comfort through the night. The pillow is made of a high-quality material that makes it permeable and soft. 

Next is Thomsen Classic, an orthopaedic pillow that again helps you with your neck pain and back issues. By just switching to this pillow from your regular pillow you can get free from the unwanted aches. The pillows we provide are moisture free because of the regulation of temperature. 

The Lumbar Pillow curated with Vita Talalay Latex and memory foam provides enough support to the one using it while sleeping or sitting. By using this pillow you can support your neck and spine, therefore getting rid of any lower back pain. 

Normo is another pillow that has all the properties of being breathable and dust proof. The pressure-relieving Vita Talalay Latex material will reduce your back pain greatly and you can get the sleep you desire. This pillow helps you in positioning yourself correctly while sleeping making sleep a satisfying event. 

The Anti-Snoring pillow will help you if you snore while sleeping. The purpose of such a pillow is to encourage the sleeper to sleep on their sides so that there is a reduction in snoring. The head-side rollers will help you in sleeping on your sides and you can sleep comfortably. 

Tinnitus Pillow comes to your rescue if you are suffering from ringing in the ear. It has an innovative design that consists of in-built speakers that can be connected to your phone and you can listen to some calm music to drown out the buzzing in the ears. 

Orthopaedic Wedge Pillow comes to use while you are sleeping as it can help you gain a good posture. Your spine and neck are well supported if you rest using this pillow as it takes the spinal weight off and relieves pressure from the lower back. proves

The Baby Pillow available at Thomsen is designed for babies from 0-12 months. The pillows are extremely safe for the children as they are made of material that is breathable and has enough softness to not cause head deformity. 

You can also choose Neck Pillows for your trips. These pillows are designed to fit the shape of your neck and support it while you rest or sleep in the car. Say goodbye to the soreness and stiffness of your neck and shoulders by using these pillows.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Orthopaedic Pillow

If you are wondering how to find the best pillow for your sleep and needs then there might be some factors you would need to consider before setting your eyes on a particular pillow; 

  • See if it fits your sleeping positions if you are a side sleeper you would need a pillow that alleviates your neck and head so that there is no discomfort for your shoulders. And if you sleep on your back you would need a pillow that properly aligns your cervical area with your spine 
  • Check the material of the pillow you want to buy, always opt for high-quality materials as the pillows created by using such materials can be used for a long time. Our pillows are made up of Talalay Latex and Memory Foam, these materials are open porous and highly breathable which makes them allergy and mites-proof. 
  • You should find the right balance between the firmness and softness of the pillow. The pillow of your choice should not be too sturdy as this can become uncomfortable for you and neither should it be too soft as this can lead to no support thus causing body aches. And you shouldn't compromise on safety too. 

How to Test an Orthopaedic Pillow

It is extremely important to test something before purchasing it, especially when it is for your well-being. No settlements should be made when it comes to quality. You can test an Orthopaedic Pillow by doing so; 

  • You can examine the sturdiness of the pillow by pressing down on it. It should have a perfect evenness of rigidity and cushiony. 
  • You can lie down and rest your head on the pillow to see if it provides you with the support and comfort your neck needs. You can switch to different sleeping positions to check whether the support remains the same. 
  • The pillow material becomes very important because you should choose one that is breathable and cosy to sleep on. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Orthopaedic Pillow 

Although the orthopaedic pillows provided at Thomsen are made up of high-quality Talalay Latex and Memory Foam, the material is open porous and breathable which also makes it mites and dust free, eliminating any kind of breeding ground for bacteria. 

It is still advised to maintain your pillow for long use. You can do so by washing the removable covers in the washing machine. But you should not wash the covers with harsh chemicals as this can lead to material damage, instead use gentle cleansing agents. This will ensure that there remains no dust or allergy on the pillow. You can use these pillows without worry. 

We don't compromise with our customers' health so our every pillow and its material is OEKO-TEX certified. This means that our pillows are free from any harmful substances making them safe and more beneficial. To protect your pillows you can also use pillowcases that are of high quality this will ensure that no harm happens to the pillow. You can also replace these covers when they get too dirty or are no longer usable. 

When to Replace Your Orthopaedic Pillow

There is no question about the long-lasting qualities of orthopaedic pillows, but eventually, there comes a day when you have to replace even your best item. If your pillow has lost its fluff and firmness it is a sign to replace it because of no rigidity it won't be able to support your neck properly thus leading to many muscle and back issues. 

If you don't find your pillow comfortable, you should make a decision to buy a new one. You can also decide if there is a need for replacement if you feel your neck is sore and shoulders stiff. Don't worry, Thomsen has got your back, you can opt for a new set of pillows again. 

Recommended Orthopaedic Pillows

Every orthopaedic pillow has its own benefits for you to cherish, you should know how to choose well. The guide to pillow shopping can be of great help. The top pillows with uncountable qualities are; 

Ortho Plus A pillow which will make sure your neck and spine are in alignment. And you are getting the desired amount of comfort and support. Thomsen Classic is again a good kind of orthopaedic pillow that helps in pressure-relieving and supports your back greatly. Orthopaedic Wedge Pillow will not only support your neck but also provide you relief from the lower back pain because the Talalay Latex offers a satisfactory amount of firmness. 

You can pick an Anti-Snoring pillow if you want to get rid of annoying snores. This will get rid of the snores and you will be able to sleep peacefully during the night without having to get up again and again. 


You can pick the right one for yourself by keeping all the essential aspects such as safety, durability and sustainability in mind. 


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