COMFORTABLE, SNUGGLY AND IRRESISTBLE, our beds of course. Does work from home mean working on bed for you as well? It is irrefutable that the comfort of the mattress makes it easy to get into and highly strenuous to get out off. If working on the laptop for 8 hours straight, binge eating on snacks with coffee in one hand and laying in peculiar positions in pyjamas are what profusely describes your quarantine time, this article is worth a read for you.

Even though beds seem to be the impeccably comfortable work place, it may be doing certain damage to your health that you maybe oblivious to.

Eating in the same bed you sleep in has a ravaging impact on your health and encourages disruptive sleep routine leaving you sleep deficit. It is not fettered to only problem in sleeping, it also turns your bed into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and even welcome some unwanted guests like ants and roaches.
Also, eating while working or performing other tasks may keep you distracted and ostensibly, the person tends to overeat. So, one must change bedsheets every day and avoid eating in bed however breakfast in bed once in a while never hurt anyone.

Also, working in bed with laptop in front of you for 8 hours, with no back support or lying while working can cause excruciating back pain. The main cause of back pain is poor posture, these aches can steal a good night’s sleep and ebb your day’s energy. To relieve yourself from the terrible aches, you must always have a support for your back and avoid sitting slouched.

Considering how the pain is too much to process, we have scientifically engineered a few pillows which can help you bid a bye to the ache:


Lumber Pillow

The patented lumbar pillow works due to its specially designed half moon shape that provides utmost comfort to the lower back and hip bone while sitting.


Luxurious orthopaedic wedge pillow is made of vita talalay latex firm foam base, it offers perfect support to the mid back while laying or sitting. The wedge pillow is carefully curated that stimulates the correct posture and ease the mid back pain. Ipso facto, eradicating the problem related to the back.

So, Snuggle in the bed as you work, with cosy blanket, bid a bye to your back aches, spend time with your family, Take care of your family and yourself and Remember to wash your hands!

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