Ortho Pillows Explained: Support for a Pain-Free Sleep

Ortho Pillows Explained: Support for a Pain-Free Sleep

Every person in this world is different and so are their choices but all of them deserve a good night of pain-free sleep. We, humans, need to prioritise our sleep to be able to have a functional brain which will improve the overall well-being of our bodies. From the outside covers to the fillings inside everything plays an important role in giving people the support and comfort their body deserves. Now to attain sound sleep there are different pillows and mattresses available in the market to help you out. One such type of pillow is Orthopaedic Pillow, also called ortho pillow. These pillows are specially designed to relieve people from spinal and back pain through the firm support they provide to their head and neck. 

What is an Ortho Pillow? 

An orthopaedic pillow popularly known as an ortho pillow is designed to help alleviate and promote proper alignment of the head, neck and back which then eliminates body discomfort or pain during sleep. These pillows are excellent at delivering support and necessary alignment to the sensitive areas of the body such as the neck and spine. Removing stiffness and providing relief to neck and back pain is the main purpose of an ortho pillow. Orthopaedic pillows help people in achieving a healthier sleep environment by getting rid of the pain residing in the various muscles and nerves. They are created to correct the positioning of a person while they are resting or sleeping on the bed by encouraging correct patterns of sleeping in them. 

There are many different types of orthopaedic pillows available at Thomsen, some of them are Ortho Plus which will help the user get immense relief from cervical pain just by the correct usage of it, as these pillows have pressure relieving points due to the Vita Talalay Latex used in the making of them. In other pillows like Normo and Lumbar, you will be able to sleep or sit properly without the risk of getting any pain in the lower back area. The combination of Latex and Memory Foam gives them a perfect blend of softness and firmness which is cherished by many people. 

There are also pillows with innovative designs available, our Anti-Snoring Pillow and Tinnitus Pillow are two of them. The anti-snoring pillow is perfect for someone who wants to get out of the habit of snoring a lot. As these pillows have head-side rollers which encourage you to sleep on your side, enhancing the airflow and lessening the snores to a great extent. The Tinnitus pillow on the other hand comes with an inbuilt speaker to play soothing sounds in order to drown out the buzzing noises in the ears which lets the people with ringing in the ear rest a lot better as there is no noise to ruin their sleep. 

You can select the right pillow based on your needs. Every pillow is made to target different areas and relieve your mind and body from any discomfort but the sole purpose of any orthopaedic pillow is to offer the best of best comfort to its user. 

What are The Benefits of Ortho Pillows?

Pillows are your best pal and are first in the row when it comes to providing you comfort in times of distress. Ortho Pillows have their unique advantages that will uplift your spirit, and dissolve all your stress into a peaceful sleep. Let us go through some of the major advantages of having an ortho pillow by your side. 

  1. Ortho Pillows are designed with a mixture of finest quality materials which help provide muscle relaxation by reducing muscle tension due to their ability of pressure-releasing.
  2. They provide proper alignment to the head, neck and back, by encouraging good sleeping posture which leads to the improvement in blood flow throughout the body. 
  3. These pillows are great at preventing stiffness and injuries that can happen due to poor sleeping positions by making sure your neck is properly aligned with the spine. 
  4. They help in assisting during times of neck and spinal surgeries or injuries by offering optimal support to your head and back ensuring there isn't much pressure on the affected parts of your body. 
  5. Ortho pillows reduce neck strain by providing proper alignment to the whole body. This also greatly eliminates back pain by maintaining the natural curve of the spine.
  6. By reducing the unnecessary stress from the tension-holder in the body, they provide pain relief to sensitive areas like the neck, head or spine.
  7. They enhance your overall sleeping experience by helping you get in the habit of correct sleep positions thus looking after your correct sleeping posture.
  8. They come in various shapes and materials fulfilling different personal preferences or needs. And that is why they are of great help during the time of pregnancy too. They also provide comfort to the side sleepers by helping them attain the right posture which relieves the neck stiffness greatly.
Why Should We Go for Ortho Pillows?

There are a lot of pillows to pick from that will add to the comfort and provide you with the support that you have been desiring. There are considerable underappreciated benefits that go unnoticed while selecting the right pillow according to your problem and preference. You might even get confused at times and ask yourself “if this is something that I am looking for?” Well, to tell you the most basic thing, a good pillow could prove to be your one-time investment, an asset that will only provide you relief and comfort for as long as possible. A fulfilling sleep will improve the overall health of your body and mind. Your whole day depends on how well you sleep at night, so choosing the best pillow is something worth your time and you should make your decision without haste. 

Ortho Pillows are greatly designed to cater to people's distinctive needs, wants and personal preferences. They not only provide comfort to sensitive regions like the neck, head and shoulder but also work to improve overall blood circulation in the body by relieving pressure. They eliminate discomfort, pain, strain and stiffness from muscles over time with regular use and help in attaining the right sleeping posture. Isn't it what a good pillow does, wrapping you in comfort and sending you off to a peaceful slumber? 

They not only provide you with the comfort you are so desperately looking for but also prevent injuries due to the wrong sleeping position. Ortho Pillows designs also assist in opening airways thus reducing the risk of sleep apnea. Isn't it wonderful to finally have a pillow that improves your overall quality of sleep, helps you achieve a correct posture, and reduces those troubling headaches? Ortho Pillow is an overall package that works according to your needs and offers you the best. This is something that you actually might be looking for, your right pillow.

Myths about Ortho Pillows

  • All ortho pillows are the same: Not all ortho pillows are the same, various varieties of them are specifically designed to help you according to your problems and sleep requirements. 
  • Ortho Pillows solely solve problems: While ortho pillows are of great help in providing comfort and support, other factors like exercise, maintaining a good posture and taking up a balanced diet also play a vital role in improving the lifestyle of an individual.
  • Ortho Pillows cure every problem: Ortho Pillows might address some ailments to a certain point like providing relief from aches and getting rid of sleepless nights but they can't cure chronic or complex conditions.
  • Ortho Pillows eliminate pain in the long term: If what causes you pain isn't addressed properly then ortho pillows won't be able to do much for you, they can alleviate the pain to a greater extent but can't cure it from the root cause, you will have to consult a professional regarding your persisting pain. 
  • It is a quick fix for sleep apnea: You need to understand that nothing works at the speed of light, good things take time to happen while some of the ortho pillows are designed to address sleep apnea problems, in severe cases you might need professional help and advice to continue. 
  • There is no need for a proper mattress: A great pillow is very necessary, but a proper mattress is equally important to attain the correct sleeping posture and proper alignment of the spine. The perfect combination of ortho pillows with latex mattresses is the perfect solution for restful sleep. 

Thomsen fosters your different needs and wants like their own. Your comfort is our focus and providing you the best is our duty. We do not compromise on the quality and safety of our products which is why our orthopaedic pillows are 100% safe and harmless. Each product we have goes through a test and comes out ÖEKO-TEX certified. Every little thing like the filling, covers and materials used are made to the finest quality. Only taking care of them and maintaining the pillows by cleaning regularly is in your hands. 

No individual should be deprived of a good night's sleep. With ortho pillows, you could achieve a better lifestyle free from pain, discomfort and stress. Nothing could be better than organising your bedroom with something this valuable. The mind needs proper rest to work to its full potential, an ortho pillow might be something that your body demands, and an investment in this benefit shouldn't be ignored for long. There shouldn't be any second thoughts when it comes to your health so pick the best pillow out there and enjoy.


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