Ortho Pillows For Spinal Health: Sleep Better, Feel Better

Ortho Pillows For Spinal Health: Sleep Better, Feel Better

Having a pillow is like having constant support during hard times. Ortho pillow is a pillow specially made for people who have a hard time getting a sufficient amount of sleep. Either it is their back that is constantly making them writhe in pain or it is the ringing in the ears that is not letting them fall asleep. No matter what the problem is, if it is related to sleep, orthopaedic pillows have got your back and that too in the literal sense. Time passes certainly fast, and there is not enough time to sit and relax back and whatever time people get, it passes with your body feeling the uncomfortable sensations caused by the regular hard sofas, or cushions. In such cases, orthopaedic pillows or cervical pillows enter the picture and they along with right orthopaedic mattresses help you out of your unbearable pain.

There are a lot of pillows in the market which promise high-quality pain-free sleep, but not all of them are excellent at meeting the expectation of buyers. Some can feel so soft that you sink back losing all your neck and head support and some can be so stiff that when you lay back you feel a rock jabbing the back of your head. Well, pillows come in different shapes, sizes and with different features. A pillow that might work for you might not be good enough for someone else. In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences. It is up to you how you choose the right ortho pillow for yourself. Apart from orthopaedic pillows, there are many varieties of pillows ranging from pregnancy pillows to baby pillows. The materials also differ from pillow to pillow, memory foam pillows and Latex pillows are much preferable.

Different Types of Ortho Pillows Available

Now if you are looking for different orthopaedic pillows to choose from, then Thomsen could be the best choice, here you will find everything from a good Ortho pillow to a comfortable Latex Mattress. Everyone wants to get rid of their body pain, especially spinal discomfort which can cause loss of sleep and health issues in the long run too. For a good, healthy sleep you require an excellent pillow along with a good quality, comfortable mattress. These two, together, would make your sleeping experience comfortable and easy. Let us now discuss the different cervical pillows available at Thomsen, a one-stop solution to all your sleep problems.

Our Ortho Plus pillow is made with a breathable and open porous material called Latex, which doesn't retain any moisture content, therefore there is no issue of mould, mites and dampness irritating your skin making it difficult for you to sleep. It offers a soft surface to rest on which is great at supporting your neck and promoting spinal alignment, thus relieving stress from your neck, shoulder and back.

Another eco-friendly Thomsen Classic Pillow is orthopaedic at the core and is something that provides relaxation around your cervical region, relieving you of the constant neck pain. With the usage of this pillow, you will no longer have to suffer from neck pain. The Latex pillow is again breathable which makes it soft, clean and amazing to sleep on providing enough support to the head and neck.

The constant ringing in your ears could be the reason for your sleepless nights, but we have a Tinnitus Pillow to rescue you from this problem. Its unique design offers in-built speakers which can be connected to any device and soothing music can be played to drown out the irritating buzzing noise, a marvellous sound therapy. You will achieve a good night's sleep if you suffer from Tinnitus using our innovative pillow.

Lower your lower-back pain with our half-moon-shaped Lumbar Pillow that provides comfort at times when you are unable to sleep or sit properly due to constant spinal aches. This pillow with the amazing dual layers of Vita Talalay Latex and Memory Foam offers the utmost comfort by relieving the pressure off the targeted points. This pillow is also good for long rides where your back pain increases due to lack of stretching, by using the pillow you will keep all the discomfort away.

If you are someone who has a bad sleeping position then Normo Pillows could help you by attaining the right posture so you could glide into a peaceful respite. The Vita Talalay Latex provides pressure relieving points which help in reducing back pain to a great extent. These pillows are great for promoting spinal health and reducing the risks of severe back pain. 

If your partner is disturbed by your constant snores, then you might want to add an Anti-Snoring pillow to your bed. With its head-side rollers, it encourages you to sleep on your side which allows proper airflow thus resulting greatly in reduced habit of snoring.

A firm and snuggly surface that will lessen your lower back pain and help your neck, shoulder and back in obtaining the right posture, this is our Orthopaedic Wedge pillow, a complete package for your sleeping issues. With a great focus on your spine, this pillow will significantly help in reducing your back pain.

We value our little customers' comfort too, who fall under the age of 0-12 months. The Baby pillow is great at providing comfort to the babies. With its 3D cut, the risk of head deformity is out of the question. The soft, latex material doesn't allow retention of moisture content where bacteria could take birth thus resulting in allergy to the baby. It promotes a fulfilling sleep which is comfortable and long.

Long journeys could be easily covered through our Travel pillows, these mould according to the shape of your neck and provide an immense amount of relief to your spine and head and also promote a good sleep during boring trips. You can sleep on long, tiring trips at ease with the neck pillows.

Maintaining the Ortho Pillow

Purchasing an ortho pillow is an investment. These pillows are easy to maintain and care for, you just need to be consistent. Our pillows come with removable covers, so you can easily remove the coversand, wash them in the washing machine. This helps in keeping the pillows clean and hygienic reducing the risk of rashes and skin infections caused by the bacteria in the dirty pillows. Maintaining the pillows is of utmost importance because pillows are directly related to health. We at Thomsen understand the need for the safety values of people and strive to achieve the same. Our pillows are 100% tested and ÖEKO-TEX certified, this ensures the safety of the products and that they are safe and free from harsh chemicals and harmful chemicals.

The important thing to consider while buying an ortho pillow is the durability and sustainability of the product. Its longevity matters, make sure you are investing in the best pillow. The right orthopaedic pillows will make your sleeping experience a smooth and painless one.

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